Guardian Ad Litem and Parenting Time Coordinator

Guardian Ad Litem: We represent the best interests of the child(ren) in the case. We report to the Judge or Magistrate our findings and it is our job to be present and ask questions at depositions and hearings, interview witnesses, and conduct discovery. We keep the child(ren) our top priority so that the information we pass along to the Family Court Judge or Magistrate allows him/her to make the best decision about custody and parenting time for the child(ren).

Parenting Time Coordinator: We also work with the parties outside of Court to foster agreements and resolve ongoing issues related to the child(ren) in that family. A Parenting Time Coordinator reduces the harm continual litigation causes the children in these families and reduces the emotional and financial tolls on all involved.

We have completed specific multi-day training offered by the Association of Family and Conciliatory Courts and continue to receive ongoing annual education in the latest developments in Parenting Coordination so that we can best assist both parents and children in high-conflict situations.