Adoption/Step-Parent Adoption

Adoption is rewarding for both the clients and attorneys alike. We will work with you to prepare the proper paperwork and make sure the adoption is in the best interests of both you and the child.

There is much preparation to be done prior to filing an adoption. After filing the necessary Court pleadings, a home study will be conducted by the local welfare department or child placement agency, a detailed medical history of the child and the natural parents(s) will be provided to the Court and consents, if required, from the natural parents of the child will need to be obtained and filed.

Once the Judge finds that the adopting parents’ Petition to Adopt is in the proper form and the adoption is in the best interests of the child(ren), the Judge will enter a Decree of Adoption.

Step-parent adoptions are quite common. In some situations a step-parent has taken the place of a deceased or absent parent, and under Indiana law, may legally adopt a child(ren) after meeting specific statutory criteria. We can discuss this criteria to determine if a step-parent adoption is a viable option in your case.